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Goeie Dag

Ons het 2 weke oor tot die Trans Baviaans 2019 se eerste event naweek. Ons hoop julle is reg en opgewonde, hieronder volg al die inligting wat julle nodig het vir die “Race” en “Repeat” events.
Wikus van der Walt

Pre Race Prep

It’s too late to start training now unfortunately but you can still make sure you prepare correctly for the event:

Harald from Polar SA has a few tips for the last training weeks leading up to the event:

  • The work is done. No training you do now will improve your current fitness level.
  • Focus on arriving on the start line well rested. Sleep between 7-9 hours every night.
  • Keep training consistently to keep the legs active. Shorter sessions while managing your intensity.
  • High training load sessions will only have a negative effect on your recovery and ultimately your performance on race day.

Bike Prep

  • Please make sure your bike is serviced and ready to take on 230km through the biggest wilderness area in the country.
  • Check your spares and what you need for your bike specifically.


  • Plan your nutrition for the ride and have a system on when to eat and drink.
  • Check out the “Event Menu” by clicking here.
  • All the checkpoints will stock PowerBar drinks so it might be a good idea to get yourself some PowerBar Isoactive pre race as well. You can follow this link for instructions on how to get your Trans Discount on their products.


Download the Event Waiver and ECPTA Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement NOW to make the Registration process faster. 

Registration opens on Friday from 13:00 at the Town Hall in Knysna road (Main Street) in Willowmore and will continue until 20:00.  Please note: There will be no registration on Saturday morning.

Remember:- Containers for Checkpoint #4 (Bergplaas) must be loaded on Friday before 20:00 at registration. Containers for Checkpoints #2 & #3 will only be loaded on Saturday from 7:30-8:30. Trucks for these containers will be parked next to the Engen Garage in Willowmore.

Please Note: All the information required for the race will be provided at the Race Registration. Allow enough time to familiarise yourself with the info before the start – especially the route as it will not be marked!
Registration process:

  1. Acknowledgement, Waiver and Indemnity – Before you go to Registration read and sign BOTH Indemnities: Event Waiver and Indemnity: This is an important document which affects your legal rights and obligations. You must read it carefully prior to entering/taking part in the event. You would have accepted these conditions as part of your race entry. Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency Indemnity: This document is a requirement from ECPTA for entering the Park area in the Baviaanskloof during the event.DOWNLOAD HERE:Event Waiver and ECPTA Waiver of Liability and Indemnity AgreementDownload Zip folder and open both Indemnities – you need to print and sign both of these. Team members should collectively sign on each.Know your race number – this is required to process your registration
  2. You will be asked to sign that you have received your Race Package, containing below items.
  3. Should you want to collect the Race Pack for a friend, ensure to bring written consent from your friend. You can download the form here: Consent for race Contents collection Remember to bring along the container contents for Checkpoint # 4 (this truck departs on Friday, 20:00)
  4. Should you have any questions after you have read your information, please remember to ask this at the Race Briefing, Friday night at 19:00 (NG Church Hall).

Over the last couple of years we have picked up more and more riders abandoning team mates and riding solo. This is against the rules and will be monitored much closer this year! If you ride solo it will lead to disqualification. This is a team event please stick together and enjoy the ride! 


Route Update 🚧

Checkpoint 2 will move location for 2019! Geelhoutbos will no longer be the home of Checkpoint 2 this year but it will move to Zandvlakte at 93km into the race route. This is 11km before the Geelhoutbos and before you enter the Wilderness area!

Good Luck with you last preparations
Team EcoBound