The support driver of the team plays an important part during the race. It is very important for the support driver to take the time to understand the rules and information provided. Should this be neglected resulting to rules not being obeyed, penalties will be given to the team of that support driver. This is why it is very important for the team to make sure that your support driver knows the route, checkpoints and the rules!

  • Weather conditions

    Please be prepared for all weather conditions. The event will take place irrespective of weather conditions unless intervened by Disaster Management.

  • Experience

    Support drivers must be experienced and have basic orienteering skills.

  • Make way

    Support drivers MUST make way for official and emergency vehicles.

  • Complaints

    Riders are allowed to lodge a complaint towards support drivers not obeying the rules or acting in an unsafe and inconsiderate way towards the riders.

  • R175 / Supporter

    You may have more than one Supporter, but you would need to register and pay for each member. The Fee includes an Official T-Shirt and all the necessary permits. BUY TICKETS


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