2022 Trans Baviaans Entrants

With established Covid-19 Protocols in place we believe the Trans Baviaans 24hr MTB Marathon will be able to take place in August. If the event cannot take place in its normal time slot in August due to Government regulations, we will postpone the event to a suitable date without any further transfer or penalty charges to our riders. Please note this is only applicable for Government related cancelations and not you, contracting Covid-19. Our normal refund policy will be in place for any other circumstances.

Note: As Covid-19 is part of our new normal, it will be classed with all the other unexpected life events, we sadly, cannot accommodate for if the refund is not requested in the timeframe as per Refund table.

2020 Trans Baviaans Entrants participating in 2022.

  1. All Valid 2020 Entries, that have indicated their participation in the 2022 event will be pre entered (by our admin staff) into the 2022 events.
  2. Your entry will be carried over exactly as per your 2020 entry. Your team members will remain the same, if you entered for The Race you will be transferred to The Race 2022 and the same for The Repeat.
  3. Your extra items like Pasta and Support Drivers will be carried over as well.
  4. You will receive an email from our entry system once this has been done prompting you to pay the R550 per rider transfer fee (Please note no increase has been made to this fee from 2021).
  5. Merchandise ordered with your 2020 entry has been sent out to all participants already. Please send us a email if this is not the case.
  6. Only once this process has been completed, will we be able to assist with substitutions and any other changes to your entry. Applicable fees will be determined at this point depending on the requests made.
  7. Please email us at team@ecobound.co.za with your team changes.
  8. Please note if you transferred your 2020 entry into the 2021 events and could not make the event or cancel within the standard refund policy timelines your “transfer entry” is no longer valid.
  9. Transfer entries are limited to 150 teams per event of 350 total team capacity.

2020 Trans Baviaans Entrants participating in 2023.

  1. Please send us an email to team@ecobound.co.za to indicate your participation in 2023.

For all enquiries and communication regarding this, please email us via team@ecobound.co.za, we will reply as promptly as possible.

We would like to thank the continued support of our Trans Baviaans Community, it is rough times for us all! We can only hope and believe we will find some sort of normality soon.

We hope to see all the smiling faces in the Baviaanskloof in August 2022.

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